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What To Expect When Dining At Tavern 12

Let’s face it, we all love comfort food! From burgers to wings, sometimes we all just need to stop in to our favorite pub and order our favorites. It’s also nice to try something a little new and unexpected from time to time. This is the inspiration behind our menu.

Owner Matthew Desarli has build our mouthwatering menu based on his culinary arts studies and his background as a professional chef. Fun fact: Matt even spent some time as the personal chef to Robert Downey Jr! It’s been his vision from the beginning to have his own place with a strong commitment to a quality menu featuring great food.

At Tavern 12, we believe in offering only the freshest ingredients and reliable menu options in a fun and easy going atmosphere. You’ll come for the food, and come back for the great service. Whether you’re having a date night, or just looking to watch the game and enjoy a meal, Tavern 12 offers a wonderful atmosphere to accomplish both!

Tavern Twelve

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